We supply lenses from many different manufacturers. From the most basic plastic single-vision to top of the range varifocal designs, we can cater for almost any prescription.  We are experienced in thin lens technology and can ensure that even high-powered prescriptions are cosmetically as appealing as possible.

Varifocal lenses – see things clearly at all distances

Did you know that there are literally hundreds of different varifocal lens designs available in the UK? We can supply most of them, from the budget variety to state of the art computer-designed premium lenses. Remember, however, that you only get what you pay for. The better the lenses, the easier they are to use, the higher the cost will be. We’ll talk you through the options without pressure, to ensure you have what’s best for your vision and your pocket.

Varilux Specialist Opticians

We are Varilux Specialist Opticians and can recommend this brand for its high-quality lenses and vast array of different lens materials and coatings.

Anti-reflection coated lenses

Anti-reflection coated lenses not only look better, they enable you to see better, too. Ask us for details.


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As a family run, independent opticians we are able to offer the kind of personal service that the big chain opticians simply can’t match. We take the time to ensure we get the right solutions for you. Since 1985 Pike Opticians have been serving the people of Shirley and Solihull. Need an eye test or new glasses? Give us a call.